questions from newcommer

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questions from newcommer

Postitus Postitas justassjust » 16 Mär 2018, 00:29


I'm living in Estonia for some time, but not really local, originally from Latvia (i.e. I don't know Estonian).
I'm not hardcore mini fan, I just like my mini and the driving feeling :) (which is, obviously not really mini anymore, since it's mostly bmw, 2009 mcs r56 camden edition)

with help of google translate I've discovered that there will be mini club summer meet on July 7th-8th, 2018, right? (
is it possible to take peek at it ? :)

and, additional question regarding the service providers.
my mini starts to throw errors and I'm not really sure in the united motors / inchcape people and (mostly) pricing :)
what is the most reliable mini service / service-man/person to check for errors codes / faults and overall state of the mcs r56 '2009 ?
currently mostly interested in check engine warning lights reading/understanding/fixing the root cause and electrical area (parking sensors in particular).
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Re: questions from newcommer

Postitus Postitas Janno » 16 Mär 2018, 07:59


This is a forum for old Mini owners.
Therefore the summerdays are usually for only old Mini holders.
But nobody can`t forbid ju to come over and take a peek :)
There have been some years where latvian old Mini owners have participated in our summerdays with 10 old Minis.

Regarding to the service providers, I would suggest you to try out BM auto:
As I have had the new MINI, I have used their services - prices more reasonable than United Motors.
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